February 15, 2022
Furnace Services in Ontario, OR

When you first turn on your furnace, you’re saying goodbye to any hopes of warmer weather for at least several months. This is a difficult time when considering how your regular bills and daily routine will be affected. Consider these important factors when determining the best time for you to turn on your furnace.

Consider Your Budget

During the winter, your furnace is running constantly to pump out warm air. This daily usage skyrockets your gas or electricity bill, making it harder to pay all of your bills. You can put off turning on your heater as long as possible without risking the safety of your home or family. Suffering through the first chilled nights of the season often won’t cause any harm and can delay your inevitable transfer to constant heated air.

Potential Health Concerns

If your household has young children or elderly loved ones, you likely need to have efficient temperature control throughout the year. Keep the temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit to keep everyone in your home safe and comfortable. Depending on your family, you can often turn down the temperature a few degrees during the night to save money.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Avoid letting your house get below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Without proper heating and comfort, family members can begin to experience fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness. The colder your home becomes, the more likely electronics, food, and even the plumbing can be affected and damaged. Save money where you can by fully utilizing smart temperature controls or a versatile programmable thermostat.

Dedicated Heating and Cooling Team

Stan’s Heating, Inc is proud to be a trusted service provider to residents in Ontario, OR and the surrounding areas. Our experienced technicians use high-quality parts to repair and maintain heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners. We also provide expert fireplace services and mini-split ductless systems. Our outstanding service has created loyal and lasting relationships with many families in the community. Call us today for unbeatable customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

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