Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Ontario, ORIt is advisable to arrange for heat pump repair service at your home in Ontario, OR, as soon as you detect an issue. Some faults are easy to fix and may only require taking steps such as adjusting the thermostat, but more serious issues can arise with the compressor or expansion valve. You can always rely on Stan’s Heating, Inc. Our experts can diagnose the problem and correct it. They also perform excellent heat pump installation.

    Whenever you notice an issue with your heating system, you should consult a professional as soon as possible. Timely repairs will prevent further complications that could lead to a complete system failure. We are on East Idaho Avenue near the Ontario Building Center, and our technicians cover all of Malheur County.

    Ontario’s Prompt Heat Pump Repair

    One of the frustrating repair issues you may encounter is when your equipment does not heat or cool sufficiently. In some instances, your thermostat may need recalibration.

    If the device is working otherwise, you may want to check for any airflow obstructions. When there are blockages, the outdoor unit will have to work harder to regulate indoor temperatures. Clearing away the debris from the outdoor unit could solve the problem.

    Ontario's Prompt Heat Pump RepairIf the problem persists, it might be an issue with the refrigerant. Heat pumps use this coolant to pull energy back and forth from the outdoors to your home’s interior. When levels drop, the heat pump will not sufficiently heat or cool your home. In such instances, the best course of action is to consult a certified technician. Our team is always ready to assist.

    Your heat pump may show various symptoms of malfunction and imminent failure.

    • A musty or pungent odor
    • A sudden rise in utility bills
    • Frequent cycling on and off
    • Insufficient interior heating or cooling

    The refrigerant levels can drop to the point where frost may accumulate on the outdoor unit. Heat pumps will initiate defrost cycles for about 10 minutes, which should thaw the ice. If it does not defrost, the issue could be the reversing valve, a defective blower fan or a faulty sensor. Ice on the outdoor unit can damage your equipment if it continues to accumulate. A timely service can prevent irreversible defects in your system.

    Professional Heat Pump Installation Solutions

    Stan’s Heating, Inc is also a leader in heat pump installation in Ontario. Since 1981, we have been renowned for providing services that exceed our customers’ expectations. We are a Lennox Premier Dealer, and we can fix all makes and models.

    Our highly trained staff can provide you with efficient heat pump service at reasonable rates. Regardless of where you’re located in Ontario, call us today to schedule an appointment with our heat pump repair and installation team. We are here for all of your heating and cooling needs!

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