April 13, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Ontario, OR

If you’re one of the American homeowners who aren’t quite sure whether turning off your gas furnace for the summer months is a good or a bad idea, here’s some helpful info to help you decide. The basic answer is that it’s a good idea as long as you’re not dealing with a central AC system. Why would that make a difference?

Central Heat and Air Conditioning

With this type of system, your air conditioner uses the furnace to assist with the circulation of cool air all over your home. So if you completely shut down your furnace, it will hamper the proper functioning of your system. In that case, just turn the gas supply off to your furnace but not the electrical supply.

Saving Gas and Electricity

One significant factor in the decision to disconnect your gas furnace before summer is that it keeps using energy all summer if it’s left on. You don’t even have to use it for it to suck up gas and electricity. Your pilot light keeps constantly burning gas. And on top of that, its sensors also use electricity, so you’re going to save on both if you disconnect it. Disconnecting your furnace could save you as much as $50 per year, and that’s nothing to sneeze at!

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