July 30, 2021
AC Noise in Ontario, OR

Bugs can routinely get in your air conditioner without you even realizing it. These insects are often attracted to air conditioners because there is always a fresh supply of water being created by condensation. An air conditioner can also keep bugs warm at night while it’s operating. Learning a few tips on how to prevent them from getting through your air conditioning system is essential in preventing long-term damage while also keeping your home free of pests. Here are a few suggestions for stopping bugs from getting in.

Fill Any Cracks or Holes

The first step is to go outside and look around your air conditioner. Do you see any cracks or holes where connections enter the house? If so, plug them up with caulk. These openings might not seem like much to us humans, but most bugs can easily access your home through these small cracks or gaps. You’ll find all of the necessary materials for making repairs at any of your local hardware stores.

However, there is only so much you do in this regard. Once you have filled all the gaps you can find, consider eliminating the source of the problem. The following suggestions deal with that issue.

Maintain the Landscape

Maintaining the area around it is important in preventing bugs from accessing your air conditioner. Anything that draws bugs should be kept away from your condenser to minimize the risk of pests coming in through the equipment. Items such as woodpiles, trash cans, grass clippings, and leaves need to be removed from the vicinity of your AC to prevent them from attracting pests.

Clean Your Gutters

Over the summer, dust and leaves can accumulate in your home’s gutters. This buildup is an excellent environment for pests and critters to live in because it’s dark, moist, and warm. Cleaning them out regularly is important in avoiding this problem.

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