March 17, 2021

Ductless mini-split systems use air handlers and a heat pump to circulate cooled or warm air throughout your home. The systems get the mini-split name because they are split between the air handlers inside your home and the heat pump located outside. Ductless mini-split systems don’t require bulky ductwork running through your home to heat or cool indoor air. Here are a few insights into how these systems work.

The Basics

Ductless mini-split systems don’t control the temperature of an entire house through the duct system. They only heat or cool the room that they are located in for efficiency. You can also connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit if you want the ductless mini-splits to cool or heat the entire home. In that case, each room in your house will need an indoor unit that controls its temperatures instead of using ductwork to push and pull air to the central unit.

The Process

It’s necessary to know the parts of a ductless mini-split to understand how it functions. The system has three main components that assist in its operation. One of the components is the evaporator or blower unit. The component is also known as the indoor unit, and it’s located inside rooms that require ventilation, cooling, or heating. Another element of the ductless mini-split system is the conduit, a long and thin cable that connects the condenser to the blower. The conduit houses the refrigerant tubing and the power cable that powers outdoor and indoor units.

Ductless mini-split systems also contain a condenser that is situated outside the home. The first process of cooling a home takes place in the condenser or blower unit that sucks warm air from indoors. The warm air is blown over cold evaporator coils. These coils then bring in the air’s heat to cool it and blow it directly into the house. The air also passes through the conduit to eliminate moisture and heat until it reaches the condenser outside the home. The heat and humidity are released to the outside air after reaching the condenser.

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