August 17, 2021
AC Replacement Signs in Ontario, OR

Your AC may show many different signs of failure in the course of its operation. But how can you tell if you need a replacement? In this article, we share a few tips to determine if you should acquire new equipment.

1. Inadequate Cooling of Your Home

One sign that your AC is becoming inefficient is that it struggles to regulate temperatures. When performing optimally, your system should draw warm air and recirculate cool air back to the room.

If your AC is producing warm air, it is most probably an issue with airflow. But if removing obstructions does not restore the function of your system, your equipment may need a replacement. Consider talking to Stan’s Heating, Inc’s AC technicians in Ontario for an honest assessment of your air conditioner.

2. Your AC Keeps Breaking Down

One common sign of a failing unit is that it demands frequent repairs. You can replace one component, only for your equipment to break down a few weeks later.

You may be telling yourself that one more repair will restore your system’s function. But it is usually more practical for homeowners to replace their AC equipment. A newer air conditioner will be more cost-effective to run in the long term.

3. You Have Indoor Air Quality Concerns

An inefficient AC not only diminishes your home’s comfort but can also be unsafe for your family. Aging systems can trigger moisture issues that encourage the growth of microorganisms.

If you notice a musty smell, your home may have mildew and mold infestations. Our technicians can suggest viable solutions to address moisture problems in your Ontario home. High levels of humidity can damage your furnishings and valuables.

4. Your Equipment is Unusually Noisy

Recent models of air conditioners produce a hardly noticeable sound. If you hear any unusual noises for the first time, it is advisable to schedule a service. Your AC may have loose parts that could damage components.

5. Your Cooling System Is Older Than Ten Years

Throughout the seasons, your AC has been providing reliable temperature regulation. With time, your air conditioner will experience significant deterioration. It may become noisy, require frequent repairs, and may raise your utility expenses.

Stan’s Heating, Inc’s team in Ontario, OR, can work with virtually any model of AC equipment, including Lennox and Mitsubishi Electric. Our staff has a reputation for paying attention to detail. You can trust our team to deliver exceptional quality when you call for our AC services. We also offer a full range of heating services.

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