June 6, 2021
Summer Time

After sitting idle for most of the winter, your air conditioner will likely need some inspections and maintenance before transitioning into the hot summer season. Here are four steps to take in the springtime to ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready to handle its upcoming workload in the summer season.

1. Clean or Switch Your Filter

Over the winter, your air conditioner’s filter may have dust and debris buildup. Additionally, pollen from the budding vegetation may accumulate in the filter in the spring, possibly causing allergies for the occupants of your home. Besides causing allergies, obstructions in your filter can block air from entering your ducts, forcing your unit to work harder.

Fortunately, cleaning or replacing your air filter is very easy. You can remove dust and debris from the filter using a vacuum. You can also spray or soak it with cleaning fluid. Moreover, new filters are inexpensive in case you must replace yours.

2. Clean the Coils

Cleaning the coils inside your air conditioning unit is important for efficiency and air cleanliness. Before opening your air conditioner, be sure to shut off power to your unit from a circuit breaker for safety. Once this is done, you can open your unit and clean the coils of dust and debris with a soft brush and cleaning fluid.

3. Clean the Fan

Cleaning your air conditioner’s condenser fan is easy. For safety, be sure to cut power to your air conditioner before opening the condenser cage. Once you have access to the fan, you can either scrub it with a soft brush and cleaning fluid or you can vacuum it to clear it of dust and debris. This will help keep the air inside allergen-free.

4. Check the Coolant Pipes

Your air conditioner’s coolant pipes have a layer of foam insulation around them. If, for some reason, the foam is broken or missing, make sure to replace it to keep the cooling fluid inside the pipes chilled enough.

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