November 20, 2021
Furnace Leak in Ontario, OR

It’s almost winter, which means it’s the most important time of year to have a furnace that’s working properly. However, if your furnace is leaking water, it’s not only an indicator that something is wrong with the appliance, but it can also lead to water damage or even mold growth in your house. If you’ve noticed that this is happening, it likely means one of the following things is going wrong with your furnace. All of these problems are clear signs that you should bring in a trained heating technician as soon as possible to get your furnace back in tiptop shape.

1. Clogged or Damaged Drainage Tube

During operation, your high-efficiency furnace will produce water through condensation. The heating system is set up to remove this water via an installed drainage system, but, occasionally, the tubing that it flows through can become clogged or damaged, which can result in a leak.

2. Leaking Condensation Pump

After the water from condensation gets through the drainage tubing, it reaches the condensation pump. This pump works to push the condensation through its drain, away from the furnace and into your plumbing. However, if the pump has a malfunction or leak, or if the drain is clogged, the water either gets pushed back up into the furnace or leaks all over your floor.

3. Leaking Humidifier

Not all furnaces have humidifiers installed, but if yours does, it could be the cause of your leak. If your humidifier is leaking water, it can not only lead to water damage and/or mold growth in the area of the leak, but it can also do extensive damage to the inside of your furnace.

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