December 15, 2020

Your central heating system provides the warmth you need to live comfortably, especially during the winter. However, it can cause unpleasant surprises whenever it breaks down unexpectedly. From clogged filters to thermostat malfunctions, several things can go wrong since it has lots of moving parts.

Knowing how to identify the problems can help you make the necessary preparations before calling a technician. Take advantage of the following troubleshooting tips when your heating system breaks down.

1. Check for Thermostat Malfunctions

If your central system’s performance is a notch below your expectations, start by checking the thermostat to ensure it has power and proper settings.

If the thermostat is not functional, it will be unresponsive. The heater will run continuously and won’t turn off. If the room temperature and the settings don’t match, you have a thermostat malfunction. A faulty thermostat:

  • Does not turn on even with new batteries
  • Unresponsive to your adjustments
  • Does not turn the heater on

2. Has the Air Filter Broken Down?

A clogged filter causes inadequate airflow in your system as a result of the buildup. Once the cold air gets trapped within the system, it freezes and ices up the evaporator coils. The entire system becomes inoperable. Alternatively, the unit will start to circulate dust instead of warm air. Eventually, the:

  • Furnace will have to work overtime
  • Efficiency is reduced
  • Energy bills rise

3. Check for Electrical Panel Failure

Tripped breakers and blown fuses are the common problems in the electrical panel. If the circuit breaker trips once you turn the heater on, it’s a sign that you need to replace the breaker.

Check whether the fuse is blown. If there is a sooty smear inside the glass, it’s blown, and you need to replace it.

Consult A Qualified Technician

You should not overlook proper maintenance as it keeps the heating system working correctly. Furnace problems come in all shapes, and they manifest in the form of low performance.

At Stan’s Heating, Inc, we have been serving the Ontario residents since 1954. We are licensed to provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our technicians understand that fixing your heating system before the cold weather sets in is imperative. By undertaking a comprehensive diagnosis, we can address all sorts of problems in your heating system. We also have cooling services in Oregon.

Contact us today at Stan’s Heating, Inc, and we will undertake the necessary repairs.

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