Fireplace Repair in Vale, ORWhen you live in Vale, OR, cold winter nights will have you calling for fireplace repair at the first sign of trouble. Stan’s Heating, Inc is your local solution for all your heating problems. Whether you have a small cabin on the Malheur River or keep your Cottage Street home heated with a simple fireplace, we have got you covered. Our office is conveniently located and we serve all of Vale and the surrounding areas, so we can have you warming up in short order.

Prompt and Professional Fireplace Service in Vale

All of our services focus on maintaining a safe and effective heat source for your home or business. We can service your flue, fix a catalytic converter, repair a fuel line, or replace cracked glass. We are a licensed dealer of the complete Heat & Glo fireplace line and are trained to troubleshoot and repair all of their products. Is it time to change out your gas fire rocks or wood? Ask us about options available in our catalog. Our emergency line is manned 24/7 allowing us to respond to no-heat or gas smells at night, over the weekend, or on holidays. When you count on your fireplace to keep your family warm, you can count on us to keep it in peak condition.

Signs it’s time to call us for fireplace repair can include:
  • Smoke backing into your home
  • The smell of gas (shut off your gas immediately!)
  • Poor combustion of fuel
  • Soot buildup on the glass
  • Failure to ignite using the control switch
  • Gas fire goes out without warning

Avoid unnecessary emergency calls by scheduling a bi-annual cleaning and inspection for your fireplace. We identify any potential problems and replace old parts before they fail.

Experienced Fireplace Repair

Experienced Fireplace RepairYou can rely on us to respond to all of your heating needs. If your aging gas or electric fireplace is on its last legs, we can even install a new one in your home. Some of our most popular fireplaces look just like an old stove, which makes them the perfect accent for your fishing cabin. If the problem is in your chimney, we work with our clients to find a local business able to make the needed repairs as soon as possible. Are you building a new house? We are familiar with all local regulations and will work with inspectional services to make your fireplace service as stress-free as possible.

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When you live in Vale, the heating season is always just around the corner. Call Stan’s Heating, Inc now to schedule your fireplace service or repair. Together we will make sure that your fireplace will be ready to provide a cheery atmosphere during the winter holidays and cold, rainy afternoons! We are here for all of your heating and cooling needs!