Fireplace Repair in Fruitland, IDPeople that are in the Fruitland, ID area and are having challenges with their fireplace should call Stan’s Heating, Inc for their fireplace repair needs. A fireplace is a great asset in any home as it can provide great ambiance and also help to keep your home warm in the winter. If you do need fireplace service, our technicians have the expertise and experience needed to ensure your fireplace is fixed properly and working well.

Expert Fireplace Service in Fruitland

When it is working well, your fireplace can be a central gathering place for your home. If you are going through a cool Fruitland winter, your fireplace can help you stay warm and relaxed. While a fireplace can last for a long time, fireplace service may be needed to fix problematic parts from time to time.

Some of the most common signs that you will need repairs for your fireplace to include the following:
  • Home gets smokey when using fireplace
  • Smell of gas when in use
  • Cracks in fireplace walls
  • White staining or rust is visible

All of these can be signs that you are in need of a fireplace repair. When you hire one of our technicians to repair your fireplace, they will come to your home to accurately evaluate the situation. Based on our assessment, we can provide a range of repairs. Some of the most common repairs needed for a fireplace include fixing the flue to ensure it opens and closes, making masonry repairs to the brick walls, cleaning out any blockage in the fireplace, checking and repairing gas lines to ensure safety.

Call Us For Trustworthy Furnace Repair

Call Us For Trustworthy Furnace RepairAs you are looking to have your fireplace serviced, you should call Stan’s Heating, Inc. Our team has been serving the Fruitland community since 1981 and is proud to provide the highest levels of service in the area. Our company continues to have a great reputation with customers in the area and can even provide you with emergency service if needed.
The next time you need a fireplace repair in the Fruitland area, please call us at Stan’s Heating, Inc and we’ll show up right away!

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In addition to repairs, we can also assist you with any fireplace installation or replacement you’re considering. We also offer exceptional fireplace maintenance to help you prevent the need for fireplace repair from happening in the first place. We are here for all of your heating and cooling needs!