January 20, 2021

As the cold winter season approaches, spending a night at home in front of your very own fireplace sounds comforting. For your fireplace to work well and for a long time, you will need to keep up with regular maintenance. There are three forms of maintenance that you will need.

Annual Inspection

First, you will need an annual inspection. Similar to any other appliance in your home, a gas fireplace can wear down and be less efficient. For those who are in the Ontario, OR, area, Stan’s Heating, Inc can provide all of the inspection services that you need. This will ensure that your gas fireplace is in good working order and ready for use in the winter months ahead.

Clean the Gas Fireplace

Another important form of maintenance that you need to stay current with for your gas fireplace is to keep it clean. While a gas fireplace does not require nearly as much cleaning as one that is wood-burning, it can still collect dust and debris. Not only could this make it less visually appealing, but it could also cause fire hazards. To prevent this, you should clean your gas fireplace regularly by wiping down the outside and sweeping ashes and wood detritus from the inside.

Monitor the Fireplace

Most importantly, when you have a gas fireplace, you need to pay attention to it and never hesitate to call in for service if something seems wrong. Some common issues can include if the fireplace does not ignite or if it does not stay lit for long. If you smell gas, you should turn it off and contact a technician as soon as possible.

There’s nothing like a crackling fire in your fireplace on cold winter day. To ensure your fireplace works well, you need to stay current with your maintenance needs. For those in the Ontario, OR, area, contact Stan’s Heating, Inc for your gas fireplace installation, maintenance, repair and service needs.

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